Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil
Institute of Cooperative Management, Pune
( Unit of National Council for Cooperative Training, New Delhi )


Research & Consultancy

The institute is primarily enguaged in conducting the training programmes for the intermidiate as well as senior level Personnels of Co-Operatives to supplement the training programmes the faculty are conducting case studies, evaluation studies either self or sponsored by the Govt. Departments and Apex Co-operative Institutions. The consultancy a service is also provided to the co-operative Organisations. The Institute has entertained request from different organisations to conduct trainingh programmes for thie personnel at different places. The Institute has completed a manpower requirement study of The Solapur Udyogic Nagari Sahakari Bank Ltd; for the year of 2002-2003.

Teaching Techniques

Besides the lecture method, various modern teaching techniques are used in conducting programmes at the Institute. The techniques usually adopted include case method, Group Discussion, syndicate Discussions, Debates, Role play, Panel Discussion etc. Experts from the field are invaried as Guest Faculty to supplement the internal faculty Resources. Teaching aids, such as Overhead Projector, Film Projector, Video and T.V., Computer etc. are made use of in conducting the programmes. The Faculty members have been specifically trained to use of the modern Taining Teaching Techniques.


The Institute has well equipped Library with collection volumes on various subjects like Co-operation, Management Banking, Accounts, Audit, Costing Agriculture, Marketing Law, Economics, Commerce and on various other subjects, besides the reports of important committees and commission. In addition, the Institute subscribes to about 100 Journals and Magazines related to cooperative Management and other allied subjects.

Computer Lab

With view to train participants in the use of Computer and its application in various functional areas of cooperatives, the Institute has set up a well equipped computer lab the computers are available for participants under the Guidance of our well qualified computer faculty.

Our Campus

The Institute is at present housed in a rented building in good locality of Pune surrounded by several education institutions of higher learning. The hostels are at present three different places in the city of Pune. the developmental activities of the Institute are hampered for want of a residential campus of its own. The growing training needs of the cooperative sector have compelled us to go in for a new campus with all the necessary facilities. The new campus, it is hoped, would be ready in the near future with the active support of the cooperative Institutions in the state as well as the Central and State Government. Land for the new campus has already been acquired in the name of Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari sangh at Gultekadi Market Yard. The construction work of hostel block is already completed and plans are on the way to construct the additional campus facilities.

Adopted Societies

To provide an opportunity to link up the classroom training with the field and to learn form the experience and direct observation of the working of the societies, the Institute has made arrangements of study at adopted socieites. The participants of Higher Diploma in Cooperative Management course and diploma course are visiting frequently to the socieites for undertaking the study and extension work, under the guidance of faculty members. This programme has enabled the Institute to establish good rapport with the cooperatives around Pune.

Medical Attendance

The Institute has appointed a Medical Practitioner as Consultant and he visits the Hostel every week and attends to the trainee officers health problems.