Diploma Course in Industrial Management (For DGR)

Diploma Course in Industrial Management (For DGR)

Diploma Course in Industrial Management (DIM)

12 Weeks

30 Participants

1. To enable the participants to understand the Industrial environment in the country.
2. To sharpen the management skills as per the current trends and developments in the industrial sector.
3. To develop interest and motivate the participants to be entrepreneurs.

First Semester
S.No Course Title Units No.of Sessions
Term I
1 Principles of Management 25
2 Business Accounting and Finance 30
3 Industrial Relation and labor Laws 15
Practical training and industrial visit 10 Days
Term II
4 Human Resource and Business Communication 25
5 Marketing & Supply chain Management 15
6 Project, Production Management 15
7 Computer & Information System 25
6 Interspersal 26 Weeks
First Semester(Class room training) 5
Observation Study Tour 2
Second Semester(including 1 week for examination) 5

(a) Graduate of any university and serving officer in armed forces in India.
(b) Working experience in Army, Air force. & Navy.

As the focus of the course is on improving decision making skills, experiential method, role plays, in basket exercises, group discussions and presentations are used.

The focus of class sessions is on developing skills and attitudes through active student participation rather than on summarizing the reading materials through lectures. The participants are expected to study the recommended literature, cases and discuss within small groups outside the class room.

On completion of the first term the participants will be deputed for observation study tour

Each subject will carry 100 marks consisting of the following heads:

(i) Mid-Term Internal Class Test 20 Marks
(ii) Project/Assignments 20 Marks
(iii) Term End Examination 60 Marks
Total 100 Marks
(a) 5 Subjects will have 5 x 100 500 Marks
(b) 2 Subjects will have 2 x 50 100 Marks
(c) Study Tour Report 50 Marks
(d) Viva-Voce 50 Marks
Grand Total 700 Marks
70% and above Distinction
60% but below 70% First Class
50% but below 60% Second Class
45% but below 50% Third Class
Less than 45% Failed