महाराष्‍ट्र सहकारी संस्‍था अधिनियम 1960 चे कलम 24क (1) नुसार प्रत्‍येक संस्‍था, राज्‍य शासन, राजपात्रातील अधिसूचनेव्‍दारे विनिर्दिष्‍ट करील अशा, राज्‍य संघीय संस्‍थामार्फत किंवा राज्‍य शिखर प्रशिक्षण संस्‍थामार्फत आपले सदस्‍य, अधिकारी आणि कर्मचारी यांच्‍याकरिता  सहकार शिक्षण व प्रशिक्षण आयोजित करील अशी तरतुद केली आहे.

त्‍यानुसार महाराष्‍ट्र शासनाने दि. 10 सप्‍टेंबर 2014 चे अधिसुचनेनुसार (वाचावे क्र. 3), महाराष्‍ट्र सहकारी संस्‍था अधिनियम 1960 (महा. 1961 चा चोवीस) मधील कलम 24 क उप-कलम 1 नुसार आमच्या संस्थेला राज्‍यामध्‍ये सहकार क्षेत्रातील शिक्षण व प्रशिक्षणासाठी मान्‍यता दिली आहे.


Accreditation is a process of assuring acceptable institutional quality and improving the standards of performance. It provides quality assurance which announces that institute is sincerely pursuing its academic aims & its objectives are effectively achieved with the available resources; the institution has demonstrated capabilities to ensure effectiveness in its overall performance. It is also a process by which an institution of learning periodically evaluates its activities and seeks an independent outside opinion on its success in achieving its own objectives. The moving drive behind the accreditation is the self-conviction that an institution should not remain static at a certain level of performance, but it should always move ahead in pursuit of excellence.

Our Institute is accredited by Centre for Professional Excellence in Cooperatives (An Initiative by BIRD of NABARD) for offering professional expertise to client organizations in the form of training, research, consultancy and projects.